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Wind Zero App Update V1.8

This is the Latest Build for the Wind Zero App. It runs on Android 5.1 or higher. 

Install Package V 1.8 - Added meters/sec option for wind speed, Max/Min bracket and drift on Wind Values page, Advanced option on Meter Details to handle more than three wind meters. Fixed Export on iOS and other issues.

Previous Versions

Install Package V 1.3 - updated to fill the wind indicators based on the wind speed 

Install Package V 1.4 - Added Meter update status to various displays (shows status indicator if no update for > 1 min), Move wind drift/mph to Wind Values, Added decimal wind speed values, added prototype Targets display. 

Install Package V 1.6Added Apparent wind speed to wind indicators and Average wind drift marker on wind values.  Improved Bluetooth connect speed. Auto connect on startup

Install Package V 1.7 - Fix for European locale setting

An iOS version is available for Beta Testing. Send an email to to get set up.

Ballistic Calculators

Use one of these to calculate the wind drift per mph used in the App

Ballistics Calculator | Berger Bullets

Ballistic Calculators - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc